Hi there! I am Bonani, a commercial and professional food stylist. To be put into layman's words, me along with my team of esteemed photographers, can turn simple looking dishes into bold outstanding ones with just a swoosh of our wands a.k.a styling tricks and photography wits. We have an unrestrained style to meet all our client requirements. Need dishes to fit the theme of the Chinese New Year or Christmas? Well, we can do that for you! 


We strive to challenge ourselves in transforming simple recipes to visually appeasing extraordinary works of art. We indulge ourselves to pop out the eye-popping and lip-smacking details of food that stimulates ones appetite. In short, we want people to come and enjoy your food by just looking at the images! 


We cater to every need. Whether you want images and videos for revamping your website or you wish to jazz up your social media account, you can count on us for mouth-watering images. We are here to suit your every mood, need, and budget (to some extent).


So if you are looking for people to conceptualize plate-pleasing ideas and help build your brand with amazing photos, then do hit me up. You can drop a mail at thejollybellyblog@gmail.com or just fill out the form in the Work With Me section!